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Toyo Proxes RS1 Full Slick Competition Race Tyre

Toyo Proxes RS1 Full Slick Competition Race Tyre

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 8th November 2016

Toyo unveils awesome new Proxes RS1 full slick competition race tyre…

Slick tyres are the ultimate in tyres, the last word in performance driving and grip, able to transform the handling capabilities of any car that they’re fitted to. Clearly unsuitable for use on the public road or in anything other than bone dry conditions, there’s nevertheless a large and growing market for specialist slick tyres, primarily amongst those that regularly attend track days or partake in club-level motorsport. This explains why Toyo, has developed the Proxes RS1, a full slick competition tyre available in a variety of popular sizes.

Slicks owe their extreme levels of traction to their construction, with the unbroken, tred-free design allowing for a huge contact patch that promotes massive grip in the dry. Again, not suitable for use on any public road, slicks can give any track driver a huge edge while also inspiring massive levels of confidence, in turn resulting in them being able to brake later and carry greater speed through corners.

The Proxes RS1 differs from most other slicks in that it represents an exceptional balance between out-and-out performance, consistency and durability. This is significant, as there’s little worse (or indeed more potentially dangerous) than a slick with grip levels that run out swiftly and fall of a ‘cliff’ when they do stop functioning correctly. The key to the Proxes ability to manage these 3 separate traits is its advanced Rayon casing, a Toyo development that’s been specifically developed for applications of this nature, and one which promotes impressive levels of durability and stability at high speed.

The Proxes RS1 can also call upon its high-modulus bead filler and steel reinforced sidewalls, both of which offer excellent steering response and crisp, predictable handling when pushing to the ragged edge of the performance envelope, an important trait as any race driver will tell you!

The compound used within the construction of the Proxes RS1 has also been developed to offer an excellent spread of abilities, balancing class leading dry braking capability with equally impressive levels of wear resistance. The end result is a highly capable tyre that provides high grip levels across a broad range of temperatures, something helped by the RS1’s spiral wound cap ply.


The Toyo Proxes RS1 is a stunningly capable tyre and one which can act as an ideal introduction into the world of high performance slick rubber. The full range of sizes and fitment options can be found below.

Available tyre size wheel diameters:
195/57R15 15
205/580R15 15
235/620R17 17
245/640R18 18
285/680R18 18

Price £POA

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