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Titan Motorsport K20 Dry Sump Kit

Titan Motorsport K20 Dry Sump Kit

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 25th March 2014

Titan Motorsport K20 Dry Sump Kit
How’s this for a proper motorsport-inspired work of art? Many a true race weapon uses a dry sump system to prevent oil-starvation during extreme cornering and acceleration.

Basically speaking oil in a conventional sump will slosh around proportionally to the g-forces generated by the corners and this can prevent it getting to the pickup pipe – one sure-fire way of knackering your lump.

A dry sump system uses a shallow pan to immediately collect the oil with an external scavenge pump making sure the engine is getting a constant supply no matter the external conditions.

They’re also useful for increasing oil capacity and relocating the weight of the oil for better weight distribution. In any case, this lightweight billet aluminium setup, designed for Honda’s finest, is definitely one of the prettiest we’ve seen out there.

Complete with a high capacity, but relatively compact, TG2 oil pump, it should be easy to install and offer the ultimate protection in the high-speed twisties.

Price £1200

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