Need more structure in your life? How about some workshop storage like this Teng Tools Pro Cabinet. No more rummaging around for tools!

Keeping your tools tidy really is job number one for any decent garage setup, whether it be a professional outfit or the most basic level of amateur hobbyist. It’s crucial to know where your tools are and for each one to have its place, so that you don’t find yourself in that frustrating situation whereby you’re halfway through a job and suddenly progress grinds to a halt as you scrabble around looking for the right screwdriver or spanner. Sound familiar?

What you need is a decent tool cabinet, and this professional-quality unit from Teng Tools should be just the thing. The clue’s right there in the name, it’s called a Pro Cabinet, and its solid and rugged construction means that not only will all your gear be in the right place, but it can take the rough-and-tumble of everyday use with aplomb.

Carrying Capacity

The Teng Tools Pro Cabinet (26”) features ten separate drawers of varying sizes to help keep you organized. The top six drawers are each 50mm deep, while the next three have a depth of 75mm, and the one at the bottom is a full-fat 150mm deep – perfect for storing those bulkier items and pieces of equipment.

Each drawer is suitable for holding four Teng Tools TC1 modules along with one TCX4 module, and the cabinet comes supplied with an ABS top mat as well as EVA drawer mats in each compartment. The drawers have ball bearing slides for a smoother and more reliable opening and closing action, and you can use the cabinet with the tool modules from the TT Series or FOAM Series in the Teng Tools Tool Control system. So, if you want to build your ultimate tool kit, you could house it in this.

Want to purchase the cabinet with all the tools already included? Buy the full 280-piece set here for just over $2400/£2000.