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Tarox Motorsport BMW M3 E90/92/93 Brake Discs

Tarox Motorsport BMW M3 E90/92/93 Brake Discs

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 27th August 2013

Tarox BMW M3 brake discs

Italian braking maestro Tarox always seems to be able to produce the perfect stopping solution for the industry’s most tuned cars. The firm’s latest creation, to harness the immense power of BMW’s M3 in its many later guises, is a stunningly engineered two-piece disc kit that is a direct swap for the original parts.

The discs are designed to fit within the original calipers and match the OEM disc dimensions. Each pair of discs is hand-assembled in Tarox’s Italian factory and features some unique design aspects that set it apart from the competition.

The disc’s braking surface is machined from a solid billet of steel and therefore has exceptionally high tensile strength compared to the usual cast iron. The ultimate tensile strength for these discs is rated at an impressive 57kg per square mm.

To put this figure in perspective, the industry standard even for racing spec discs is usually 38 kg per square mm and the CEE standard U.T.S. is 25kg per square mm. So these are over-engineered by a factor of over 200%! This translates into a service life that is double that of most normal discs.

The standard M3 discs are a simple one-piece affair, which can be susceptible to warping when really driven hard. Tarox’s unique solution is an innovative two-piece design, which dissipates heat far more effectively, as well as enjoying much greater integrity to begin with. The separate bell and rotor design eliminates all of these issues, offering reassuring performance for both road and track work.

Despite these much higher tolerances, the new Tarox brakes work seamlessly with all factory ABS systems and in all other respects, perform exactly as per an OEM set-up, with exceptional cold ‘bite’ properties and sensible everyday noise levels. Aesthetically, owners can choose from either the F2000 (pictured), the ‘Sport Japan’ for a more overtly tuned look, or the subtle D95 spec for the originality sticklers or concours purists.

Price £950

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