We’ve seen more than a few 8-pot calipers in our time, but never anything quite like this release from Italian brake maestros, Tarox.

Launched along with their latest B360 caliper, these B34 GT units here, have a unique directional configuration designed to completely eliminate pad taper wear by equalising pressure across the entire back plate.

The science is in the piston arrangement. Take a peek inside and you’ll notice that, instead of being a mirror image, or all the same size, like most aftermarket units.

They actually get larger from one side to the other. This setup offers a significantly more balanced distribution of the clamping force when the rotor is turning at speed. Clever, eh?

Anyway, this new design will be the basis for all new launches in the future, and proves once and for all, that not all multi-pot calipers are equal. Magnifico!

Price £POA

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