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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 13th November 2018

Here’s yet another modern twist on a classic design… come to think of it, these look like another out-and-out bargain too!

The new TG3 from Targa certainly has some minerals and, while it may not be for everyone, we reckon it’ll look the part on many a German cruiser out there. Handily that’s exactly what they’re aimed at.

We like that they’ve kicked off by differentiating themselves from all the other split 5-spokes on the market, both in terms of design and finish.

And we also like that these are all weight-loaded to 815kg, meaning bigger motors and vans won’t serve up any problems.

Most of all though, they come in a selection of usable sizes and offsets to cater for everything from hatches to SUVs. These could be a modern classic in the making.

Sizes: 8×18, 8.5×19, 9×20
PCD: 5×112 5×120
Offset: ET28-45
Finishes: Gloss Black/Polished Lip and Face

Priced from £518 (set)

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