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Tansy Wheels

Tansy Wheels

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 12th December 2012

tansy wheels

Skinny jeans, espadrilles, chinos, New Era caps, there are some things in life that you have to be pretty damn cool in the first place just to pull off.

Yep, we’re talking cooler than us mere mortals at FC can ever dream of, and we think it’s much the same story with these bonkers new hoops from the guys at Tansy. I mean, would you roll on these crazy rims? Unless you happen to be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, it might seem a little on the brave side, but then maybe that’s the whole point.

You see, while it’s true these mental wheels are aimed at the UK’s girlracer fraternity, and even though there’s plenty of haters out there, we reckon this multi-coloured range of 16-inchers could blow the right project into the stratosphere – and there’s plenty of you lot who are cool enough to rock ‘em with pride!

The brainchild of the bloke who started Cades Wheels (which he named after his son), Tansy is a brand he dedicated to his daughter, no doubt after getting plenty of earache off the missus.

We have to say it’s pretty refreshing to see new designs directly targeted at the ladies that aren’t just a pink version of what we’ve already got. We guarantee it won’t be just our female friends interested in the quirky little beggers either.

Mark our words, one day these will earn cult status right up there with the Ronal Teddy Bear. Top effeminate marks Tansy!

Price £105

For more info see Tansy Wheels

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