How’s this for off-the-fecking-scale cool? Let’s get one thing straight. This is no toy. It’s just too good to give to little Timmy to smash into Grandma’s ankles. This is an R/C car for us diehard petrolheads, to build with love and then place on the mantelpiece next to the family portrait.

Back in the late 1970s the Porsche 934 dominated its racing class and was the subject of Tamiya’s first R/C model kit. In 1977 they releases a limited edition in black. Fast-forward 41 years and they’ve done it again. Albeit with a modern-day TA02SW chassis which provides shaft-driven 4WD and independent double wishbone suspension.

It’s a proper piece of kit and everyone here at FC wants one. In fact we’d love two – one to use and the other to polish. Although if you’re planning on doing that, be quick because much like the original version, this too is a limited edition.

You’ll need a two-channel R/C unit with ESC and the battery pack and charger to get it going, but we still think it’s amazing value at a smidge over 200 quid. And we can’t be the only ones thinking it would make a bloody good base car for an RWB replica.

Still, much like in the real world, would you actually want to cut it up when it looks this good straight out of the packet?

Price £125

For more info see Tamiya