Takata Drift Recliner seat

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Time for all you JDM fans to loose all bodily control and know the real meaning of the word ‘want.’ Yep, as you can plainly see, the biggest name in restraint systems on the Jap scene have just launched their very own perches and, we have to say, they’ve got us all thoroughly chomping at the bit!

Now it’s true that, traditionally, genuine Takata gear hasn’t been the easiest to get hold of in Europe. In fact, adorning your motor with this stuff of motorsport legend has been pretty much the reserve of you lucky buggers who happen to live in the US or Japan.

The good news is they’ve been busy building a huge European dealer network (which includes a few right here in the UK) so we can all finally benefit from one of the greatest automotive brands on the planet without having to have deep enough pockets to afford the usual ludicrous importer’s mark-up.

Takata Drift Recliner seat

Anyway when it comes to this particular work of leather-trimmed, carbon-backed reclining art, as you’d expect from Takata, the quality is nothing short of exceptional. What you won’t know is to keep everything that way they’re manufactured, under licence, here in the UK by the supreme masters of backside-parking excellence at Cobra Seats.

Think of it like this, Takata have gone straight to the experts for a collaboration that’s more than a little special.

You just know when two motorsport legends collide like this there’ll be more to come too. And you’d be right, rumour has it there’s another seat, this time a full-on fixed-back bucket, in the wings… we’ll bring you more on that little beauty next month.

Price £1349

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