Apparently there’s this place called Silicon Valley, and while it’s rather unfortunate that it doesn’t contain booby enhancements as far as the eye can see, what you’ll find there are some rather clever boffins developing equally jaw-dropping smartphone apps, just like this little stunner from navigation giant Sygic.

Actually, the word clever doesn’t do this slice of top tech justice. Sygic is already the world’s most advanced navigation app, with over 200 million users worldwide, and there’s also variants that will tie in with the OEM Navigation systems from various vehicle manufacturers.

But what pushes this one right over the top is that it’ll find you the cheapest or nearest free-parking space in many of the world’s busiest cities. And even let you pay for it, all in real time.

Driving is good, trying to find parking sucks, so we simply can’t think of anything better. Amazing stuff.

From £1

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