What with people from Dubai and Death Valley saying “bugger this” and getting on the first plane home during this crazy UK summer (though it’ll probably be raining when you read this!) who couldn’t do with some of this in their life at the moment? 

More to the point, have you ever wondered why your air conditioning seemed to feel so much colder back in the day? Well, what most car manufacturers won’t tell you is that your system will lose up to 10% of its refrigerant every year, and that means usually you’ll need you need to wait around at a garage to get it re-gassed if it’s ever going to work properly.

That’s if you can actually get an appointment of course, they tend to be rather busy when it seems like your living on the surface of the bloody sun!

Anyway, there’s none of these problems here because EZ Chill is a product you can use at home to not only top up your system (and seal any leaks in hoses, gaskets and o rings), but there’s also the added bonus that restoring your air con performance is far better for fuel efficiency… and even better than that for not having your arse crack sat in a puddle of its own sweaty goodness.

To be fair we can’t think of anything better right now, and your testicles/lady parts will definitely thank you for it!

Price £60

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