ST suspensions wheel spacer kits
ST suspensions have launched a new wide range of hubcentric wheel spacers. The spacers are constructed from high-quality aluminum to ensure maximum strength and minimal weight and come in anodized black for a super-resilient finish.

Once fitted, ST wheel spacers can increase the track width from as little as 3mm right up to 25+mm depending on your vehicle’s driving and fitment needs.

A wide range of ST wheel spacers are now available to suit almost every wheel style and fitment. These include the Version A1 (bolt-on for vehicles with wheel bolts), Version A2 (bolt-on for vehicles with threaded wheel studs).

Version D1 (through-hole system with bolt circle holes), Version D2 (through-hole system with bolt holes and double centring), Version D3 (through-hole system with bolt holes and double centring, including wheel studs) and Version DZ (through-hole system with centering collar).

Every system is constructed to the same high quality finish, with popular stud patterns available including 4×100, 5×112 and 5×120 to name a few.

Price £POA

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