ST Suspensions Astra H VXR ST X Coilovers

The 240bhp Astra H VXR is one of the most popular performance hatchbacks of recent times, but often described as needing a helping hand in the road holding department.

Well ST Suspensions have come to the rescue with their STX coilover kit, carefully developed to redress the balance and transform the Astra H VXR into a true fast road machine.

Manufactured by KW in Germany, every ST coilover is built to meet the strict German TÜV standard of lowering to ensure maximum quality and safety in all driving conditions.

This in turn allows your car’s suspension to be adjusted to its lowest setting without compromising its drivability and usability on the road.

ST Suspensions Astra H VXR ST X Coilovers

Whether you’re looking to greatly improve your vehicle’s handling or achieve the perfect stance, the ST X series coilover is the perfect solution.

Once fitted to the Astra H VXR, the ST X coilover allows a lowering of between 25-50mm on the front and 15-40mm on the rear axle, allowing the vehicle’s look and stance to be greatly improved alongside its handling capability.

Price £799

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