It’s said that size isn’t everything, but trust us when we say, 30mm makes an awful lot of difference to some people – the sort of people who like to throw cars around with abandon and really push track limits or B-road blasts to the very edge of both sanity and legality.

For those people, the 2.3-litre and 5.0 V8 Mustang quite obviously benefit from being just over an inch closer to terra firma thanks to the latest ST Suspension lowered spring kit.

Alignment can still be carried out within manufacturers specification, there’s almost zero ride comfort compromise and the handling overall will be both more predictable and exceptionally planted through even the fastest bends.

The Magneride adaptive suspension tech will also help iron out any imperfections UK roads have to offer, while offering the ultimate in compliance and control thanks to the ST Suspensions renowned reputation.

Price £219

For more info see ST suspensions