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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 5th November 2018

Great news for fans of classic rallying and motorsport everywhere as Speedline has decided to bring the classic Type 2013C six-spoke wheel back to the market – a rim made simply iconic during the heyday of the WRC in the 90s on cars the like Subaru Impreza and Toyota Corolla in both WRC and Group A guises.

For years these original wheels have been changing hands for simply huge sums amongst competitors, who value both their ability and authenticity. Owners who wanted to keep their car period perfect for historic events have long been requesting the reinstatement of this wheel to the Speedline line-up, and now, after a literal deluge of requests, Speedline has dusted off the original tooling to bring it back as a brand-new and improved casting.

The looks of this wheel need no introduction. As the undercarriage beneath many of the poster children of the golden era of rallying, there aren’t many cars it doesn’t suit. In Group A form, the distinctive centre bowl design and perfectly proportioned spokes make it perfect for a wide variety of machinery.

Simply look at the back catalogue it graced, if you need any kind of inspiration! There’s also a road-going version, of course, with a slightly different centre profile and even a centre cap to keep things looking factory fresh

Naturally, Speedline is using the very latest casting techniques that it has developed over the two decades since the wheels were first designed. The latest heat-treatment, preparation and finishing techniques are all utilised to ensure that the Type 2013C doesn’t just have the stunning good looks that have made it a ‘must have’ for so many enthusiasts, but also, that it will keep them for many years and miles to come.

Several sizes will be available in time, but to begin with an 8 x 18 5 x 100 issue for the classic Impreza will be the first and most appropriate fitment out of the traps.

Priced from £324 (per wheel)

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