We obviously don’t have to bang on about the virtues of being able to see in the dark when you’re driving, especially at this time of year. Instead we’ll just say that these LED conversion kits are a must-have!

You see not only do they offer ultra-low power consumption, about a fifth of equivalent-performance xenon headlamps, but they punt out around three times the light of your standard halogen bulbs too.

It’s also worth noting that, due to the fact they don’t contain any gas to fire up like conventional bulbs, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t last you forever.

So, aside from high-end luxury motors and technological marvels like Teslas, why doesn’t everyone use LED headlights? Well, the problem is that they tend to need a lot of cooling, and usually that doesn’t lend itself well to retro-fitting either.

What’s clever here though is that the guys have got around this problem by fitting a choice of fan-less or fan-equipped inline heatsinks.

Available as direct-replacement kits for all types of standard car bulb, what aftermarket parts giant Simoni Racing are really offering here is the only easy-fit alternative to full on HID conversions.

As it’ll be getting dark at lunchtime pretty soon, we think that’s bloody handy!

Priced from £90

For more info see Simoni Racing