Here’s a cost-effective gadget that no glovebox should be without. In fact, is it more of a car product, a lifestyle item, or a healthy dose of

To be fair, it doesn’t really matter because we’re certain that, for under 50 quid, this thing is awesome.

It may be only the size of your average smartphone but this little monster is packing a rather hardcore 6000mAh lithium-cobalt battery, and this makes it perfect for fastcharging all your devices via the 2.1 Amp USB port.

It’s also fitted with an ultra-bright torch, emergency beacon and, get this, a heavy-duty 400-amp jump pack!

Complete with an added Jump Starter Protector unit, this one has to be one of the smallest, safest and most powerful battery bank booster thingies on the market right now.

It could also prove to be a show-time life saver.

Price £47

For more info see Silverline Tools

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