It’s kind of funny to think that some of the most mental Japanese car builds we’ve seen over the last couple of years are those where they’ve lumped in a thoroughly un-oriental Yankee V8. That would have been almost unheard of a decade ago, right? The Tokyo Drift, ‘Nissan-powered-Mustang’ generation have most certainly turned things on their head!

To be fair we saw plenty of this sort of malarkey at the SEMA show and the trend is now starting to filter across the Atlantic, especially as it’s now officially easier than ever – well, as long as you can fi nd a suitable donor car, of course!

Still, the masters of the mythical LS engine conversion, Sikky Manufacturing, are now offering all-inclusive kits containing just about everything you need to get the legendary Chevy lump into a whole host of UK-spec cars including the FD RX-7, Nissan S13, S14 and S15s, 350Zs and even the Mk4 Toyota Supra. There’s also a few knocking about for E30, E36 and E39 Beemers, just so you Euro boys don’t feel left out.

The point is, the mounts, driveshafts, modifi ed sumps and all the other gubbins come with the kit, so the engine will simply bolt-in with no cutting, fabrication or other headaches. Nothing can be more simple than that!

Price £POA

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