SFS Performance Carbon Fibre

The bods at SFS may make some of the finest silicone hoses in the known universe, but they’ve just branched out into the world of super-high quality composite too.

It’s not just any old carbon fibre they’re using for their parts either, it’s not even Marks & Spencer carbon, this almost mystical material is pre-preg weave, imported directly form Japan and finished with high-gloss UV protection to prevent fading.

Yes my friends, were talking the absolute nuts, apparently God himself has a toilet seat made of the very same stuff and what’s good enough for his celestial backside is more than good enough for us.

Anyway, they’ve already got a massive range of hand-finished parts including the awesome EG Civic door card pictured here (it’s the black thing next to Elle’s sexy legs).

They’re launching new products all the time, so log on to their website or check out the latest news on the SFS Facebook Page.

Start saving your monies people – you need some of this in your life.

From £POA

For more info see SFS Performance