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Sealey Multicoloured Quick Spanners

Sealey Multicoloured Quick Spanners

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 28th May 2014

Sealey Multicoloured Quick Spanners
Here’s a bit of top tasty tool-porn from Sealey Tools. We have to say we’re loving the finish on these premier-quality multi-coloured combi-spanners, but like any good tool, these aren’t just there to look pretty.

Unlike traditional nut-undoers these come with scientifically redesigned jaws for some mega-quick pro-style ratcheting action, very posh.

All this colourfulness isn’t just a gimmick either. After a little use you’ll easily remember which is which, making identifying the size you need quick and easy.

That and it’ll keep your mates from ‘accidentally’ nicking them. “Is that my red 16mm in your tool box? Naughty, naughty!”

Priced from £48

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