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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 7th December 2017

Here’s a sweet little workshop bundle no self-respecting modifier or mechanic should be without. 

But you’ll still have to get in there sharpish to get this lot at that money, because it’s a special offer with over 90 quid off the list price for Christmas. It’s all rather festive of the chaps at Sealey, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Anyway, this pro-quality lifting kit contains all the gear that’s essential for the rather important task of not dropping your motor on your nut.

For that very reason it includes one of their industry standard three-tonne workshop jacks and a set of rather hardcore looking ratchet stands.

There’s also a huge 600mm breaker bar, and they’ve even thrown in a free pair of mechanics gloves so you won’t get your manicure all messed up.

Oh and a kneeling pad, just in case you’re getting on a bit like us. Pretty thoughtful, right?

And that’s exactly what this time of year is all about. Top toolage!

For more info see Sealey