sanspeed pro ecuEngine mapping is big business nowadays and that’s no surprise because it’s absolutely essential to get the most from bolt on mods like exhausts, induction kits and manifolds.

The trouble is though, it does involve traveling to a specialist to get the work done which can be a right royal pain if you happen to be on the other side of the country.

Well, tuning supremos Sanspeed, along with software experts EcuTek have come up with a solution by taking the tool used by the pros and developing it for use at home.

Basically you buy the Pro ECU cable, plug it into your laptop download the software and upload it straight to your motor through its diagnostic port; remapping your motor is as easy as that!

As you tune your engine more and more you can keep changing the map from the comfort of your own driveway with up to 10-different stages of tune. You can even book a time with one of their expert tuners and they’ll custom map your car over the internet no matter where you are in the world, just how clever is that?

As car technology is moving on it’s only right that tuning technology does too and it looks like Sanspeed are already ahead of the game!

Priced from £399

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