There seems to be only one reason to buy a Nissan S15 nowadays, or any other 200SX for that matter, and that’s to spank the arse off it at every opportunity. Usually sideways in a cloud of tyre smoke.

Anyway, the SR20DET is one of the all-time great turbocharged 4-pots, but as bullet proof as it is, it can get understandably hot under there when giving it the full berries.

Stock hoses bursting under the pressure isn’t an uncommon sight, and neither is the odd warped head or totally lunched engine as a result.

Still, the good news is that masters of silicone enhancements, SamcoSport, already have kits to sort out the bigger hoses for your radiator and the like, but they’ve also released this 7-piece ancillary kit to sort out all those smaller items that are just as likely to fail.

Like all Samco hoses they’re available in 21 colour options, will never degrade and you’ll never be able to bust them in a million years of hooning about. Job done.


For more info see Samco Sport