There’s no denying that, in some circles, a rusty patina is the ultimate in retro-chic. It’s not just reserved for old skool VWs, Yank tanks and rat rods nowadays either.

Plenty of more modern car owners are after just this kind of look but without having to sand off all their paint or leave their pride and joy in a ditch for three or four decades.

What’s clever about this ‘rusty paint’ stuff though, is that it can adorn your project with plenty of surface rust but it’ll leave panels (and the structural bits and pieces) perfectly sound underneath.

In other words, it’s the metal content in the paint that rusts without eating through the actual car. You can even use it on your plastic trim to confuse the hell out of just about everyone else.

Available in various all-in-one kits, along with the option of custom-matched colours, it’s noncorrosive, flexible and should adhere to pretty much any surface without the need for primer.

It’s hardcore stuff for sure, but real kudos rarely comes this easy!

Price from £13

For more info see Rusty Paint