This new wheel from Rota is most certainly badass. We just can’t work out if it’s something of a brave design choice, or simply a safe bet.

The KBF will certainly suit a multitude of modern motors, that’s a given. But, despite those huge, staggered sizes and PCD options to cater for many larger European and Jap motors, we can’t help feeling there’s a couple of distinctly old-skool elements to this one, too.

Take a look at the face for starters. They’ve done a great job with this modern twist on the popular ’80s convex, split 5-spoke theme. But, like all the best wheels, it’s one where the original inspiration still shines through.

We shouldn’t name names of course, but dare we say it? It’s a bit like a reworking of a classic rim us older modders will remember from decades past. We’ll give you a clue. One that begins with V and ends in enom.

And what’s the other touch of retro car culture ingrained in this awesome new hoop? Well, you can have absolutely any colour you want. As long as it’s black.

Price £235

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