That’s not a new wheel we hear you say. And you’re right. It’s not. The URS is however a legend. Not to mention proof ze Germans do indeed have a sense of humour.

Besides, technically speaking, Ronal are now making a new 7×14-inch version to add to the original 13-incher, and we reckon it’ll go down a storm.

Considering how popular these lightweight beauties have become since 1991 (even on the most hardcore track cars), we can see them popping up at many an event for years and years to come.

But sadly, none of that’s the big news. Nope, it’s the fact the famous Ronal Teddy is now being run out after 26 years of continuous production. In other words, it’s your very last chance to get on the blower to their UK distributor, SL Corse, and get your mitts on a set!

Of course, two and a half decades isn’t a bad lifespan for any wheel, especially one that started life as one of the Ronal board member’s earrings (No joke – it was a lady called Ms SZ who everyone affectionately knew as Bear Mother).

But ultimately, we’ll still be mighty sad to see one of our favourite retro hoops be confined to the history books.

In fact, we’re off for a minute’s silence before we get our orders in. Respect the bear, people!

Price £144 (each)

For more info see Speedline Corse