They say that style never goes out of fashion, a phrase which could’ve been coined specially for 3 of Ronal’s most popular wheels, the LSX S/FC, LSX JB/FC and LS S/LC.

All are based around a timeless cross-spoke design, the kind that’s been a popular addition to cars of all kinds for generations now, and all are underpinned by Ronal’s unparalleled levels of experience and attention to detail.

Ronal’s range of ‘cross-spoke’ offerings begins with the LSX S/FC and LSX JB/FC, a pair of very similar, closely related alloy offerings. The pair are in fact almost identical, the S denoted by its contrasting silver-front/diamond cut finish, the JB by its even meaner, moodier jetblack-front/diamond cut. Both finishes have their merits and both have been optimised with the UK’s notoriously abrasive weather and road conditions in mind, meaning they’ll be adept at shrugging off road grime, salt, rain and petrochemicals, providing many years and countless thousands of miles worth of active service.

Finishes aside, both S and JB variants of the LSX have been designed specially for modern cars, something reflected in their front-wheel drive optimised offsets. This is big news for owners of these types cars, many of whom have long considered fitting cross-spoke wheels but have until now found their efforts thwarted by alloys with the kind of aggressive, negative offsets which are primarily intended for rear-wheel drive machines. Both variants of the LSX can be ordered in 4 or 5 stud versions, further underscoring their suitability to an immense variety of cars, front-wheel drive or otherwise!

Next up, the LSX’s older brother – the LS S/LC. The LS has been a fixture of the Ronal wheel range for many years now and one glance is all you need to work out why. An alloy dominated by its aggressive ‘dish,’ the LS has the ability to lend any car it’s bolted to with an extra shot of aggression, not to mention bags of old school style. It’s an alloy design that’s proved especially at home under the arches of retro classics, though that doesn’t mean that it isn’t suitable to more modern vehicles.

Ronal LSX X/FC – 7.0×16in (4/5-holes) from £168-00
Ronal LSX JB/FC – 7.0×16in (4/5-holes) from £168-00
Ronal LS S/LC – 7.5×15in (4-holes) from £144-00

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