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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 19th July 2018

UK tuning gods, Revo, launched this new 19-incher a while back and, apart from being a stunner right out of the box, it’s interesting to see the unusual approach to wheel design taken by firm that’s more renowned for their uber-quality performance parts and software upgrades.

Although these motorsport-style RV019s look damn slick, and are available in four tasty finish options, it’s pretty clear that they’re mostly about enhancing the performance of the cars they know best.

You see, instead of taking the more typical route of designing wheels in multiple diameters and widths, and specing them to fit the maximum number of motors possible, Revo have been far more focused by sticking to a single performance-orientated 8.5×19-inch size, and only making it available for late model VAG cars, along with one or two performance Fords. In other words, all-business hoops for the cars that can make the most of their world-class expertise.

Manufactured here in the UK by Motorsport specialist Rimstock, these are also produced using a special low-pressure casting process, making them some of the lightest cast wheels on the market.

And they’re designed to fit perfectly over the rather epic Revo monster brake kits too (can you see what they did there?), so you might as well bolt on one of those while you’re at it. Hard as you like.

Size: 8.5×19
PCD 5×112, 5×108
Offset: ET45
Finishes: High Gloss Black, High Gloss Silver, Matte Anthracite, Gloss Antracite, Matte Bronze

Price £1199 (a set)

For more info see Revo