Based on the road-going Lotus Evija, the all-electric Evija X has set an astonishing 6 min 42 second lap time around the famous Nurburgring.

It wasn’t all that long ago when anything under 9 minutes was considered a respectable lap time around the Nurburging. That number then jumped down to 8 minutes. Now, the benchmark for the truly fast stuff is under 7 minutes. Given that’s covering a distance of 14.1 miles and around 73 corners, that’s quite frankly bonkers. Now, the Lotus Evija X has written itself into the history books as its just set an astonishing 6 min 24 second lap around the Green Hell, making it the third fastest Nurburgring lap, ever.

front on shot of Lotus Evija Xrear on shot of Lotus Evija X

Needless to say, to set a lap time like that, the Lotus Evija X must be pretty special. And you’re correct. However, unlike the all-electric VW ID.R that Romain Dumas slung around the circuit in 6:05, this isn’t a ground-up built race car that has its eyes set on smashing lap records across the globe. No, instead, the base for this car is very much road-legal and in production. Essentially, the X takes everything good about the regular Lotus Evija, and then ramps it up to 11.

It’s worth noting here that it wasn’t that long ago that Mercedes took the AMG One around the Nurburgring in 6:35. And while that is astonishingly fast, it does utilise the engine from the Mercedes F1 car.

Watch the lap below:

What is the Lotus Evija X

In short, the X variant of the Lotus Evija uses the same 2,011hp, 91kWh battery as the road car. With all of that power available all of the time, there was no need to develop it any further for more power. After all, Lotus says it’s the world’s most powerful EV powertrain…

While Lotus hasn’t confirmed all of the modifications on the car, its obvious from a visual standpoint that the introduction of that huge active rear spoiler will certainly impact the aerodynamics. Speaking of which, if you look at the front end, you can also see a heavily modified diffuser. It has been confirmed that the car’s dampers were also replaced, alongside competition-spec Pirelli tyres.

What’s most surprising about the lap, though, is that it was completed on a damp day in October 2023. We’d like to see Lotus return during the summer after some further tweaks to see if the freshly invigorated brand can snatch the fastest lap for an all-electric car around the Nurburgring.

Lotus Evija X on nurburgring circuit side profile shot of Lotus Evija X