1.8t manifold

The almighty VAG 1.8T is one hell of a popular engine for tuning but, as any specialist will tell you, the stock exhaust manifolds are massively restrictive and aftermarket replacements can be super-expensive, anything up to 900-smackers.

Well, that’s where the American daddies at XS Power come in. If you’re already rocking a K04 turbo-equipped motor (or are looking to do the conversion) you can grab this 3mm cast stainless steel beauty for much less than you might think.

It’s actually Version 4 in their Relentless range and the best looking, most highly-developed one yet.

With its large internal diameter, ported inlets and over-sized turbo flange, it should easily be one of the best flowing on the market.

We expect to see great things from this one – especially at that price!

Price £280

For more info see XS Power