The bods at Radi8 are well known for dreaming up some of the craziest wheel designs out there and there’s plenty more of the same with this bonkers new creation.

The SD11 here is yet another trendsetter and one of the most unique monoblocks you’re likely to see in 2018.

But it’s nice to see that it’s not just a case of style over substance, because they use a low-pressure casting process, rather than more conventional gravity casting, making this one substantially lighter and stronger than just about any other comparable wheel.

We’re loving the classy two-tone finish. We love that it comes in a deeper, more concave profile for rear wheel fitments.

But most of all we love the fact you’ll see nothing else like it on the market, certainly not at that money. A proper little stunner.

Priced from £194 (EACH)

• Sizes 8.5 and 10×19-inch, 8.5 and 10×20-inch
• PCD: 5×112, 5×120
• Offset: 35-45
• Centre Finish: Silver Machined Face, Brushed Gold, Dark Mist, Gloss Gunmetal

For more info see Radi8 Wheels