The bods at Power Maxed certainly aren’t messing around with this all-business new product. First there’s the name, which pretty much says it all, in a particularly Ronseal-like fashion.

And then there’s the fact that you get a whole litre of the stuff for just 8-quid.

So what actual ‘green stuff’ is it designed to remove? Well, it’s clearly not for killing aliens or a cure for some sort of tropical knob rot (classy – Jules), instead it’s packed with special algaecides that are designed to tackle moss build-up, green algae and black streaks.

In other words, this one reaches the depths that other cleaners can’t, and comes in particularly useful for tough deposits on paintwork, rubber seals and convertible roofs.

That goes double if you tend to leave your projects exposed to the elements for any length of time. No frills and no fannying about, love it!

Price £8

For more info see Power Maxed