The Porsche 911 underwent a major evolution with the reveal of the 964 series – a new, air-cooled, rear engine, a completely new suspension system, and a sleek, aerodynamic exterior, all standard. But who wants to drive anything standard?!

To enthusiasts, the Porsche 964 is all about its renowned road holding and connectivity, and the engineers at Air Lift Performance decided that you deserved to get your vehicle slammed without sacrificing that ride quality. With their fully adjustable air spring suspension, they can guarantee that your Porsche will maintain its performance and handling, with increased comfort and adjustability.

Porsche 911 (964) Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

So, how did they the 964 dropped by 5.4” in the front? They replaced the front strut with their threaded-body, monotube, 30-way adjustable strut, which is topped off by progressive-rate, sleeve-style air springs. Working together, these provide you with a comfortable ride and superior body support. Then, they topped the setup off with a set of adjustable, red-anodized T6061 aluminum camber plates to ensure the precise steering feel that you want.

In the rear, it’s a similar formula – 30-level damping-adjustable shocks, tucked into the stock coil location, topped with progressive-rate air springs. This kit also features the T6061 aluminum, with anodized red upper mounts, and spring spacers for optimized handling and fit, all while airing out 5.0” from stock.

Porsche 911 (964) Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

Installation is simple with detailed instruction manuals. If you have the skill to wire a stereo or swap suspension components, you can have your car on the ground or tearing up your favorite road course in a matter of hours. Only basic hand tools are necessary to complete the job, and you don’t even have to mess with the brake system to install the kit.

As the leader in performance air suspension, they focus on reliability and durability by subject the key suspension components to testing on a durability rig for over 1 million cycles, which equates to approximately 100,000 miles driven. The kit is backed by a 1 year warranty, and by a dedicated customer service team.

• 1989-1994 911 Carrera 4 (All Body Styles)
• 1990-1994 911 Carrera 2 (All Body Styles)
• 1990-1994 911 Turbo
• 1993-1994 911 RS America
• 1994 911 Speedster

• Modifications Req. Front: None
• Modifications Req. Rear: None

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