Revolution in the world of in-car entertainment is rare these days, but as consumer trends change and Smartphones become a more integral part of our everyday lives, so to does the need for a head unit that suits shifting fashions. Pioneer’s latest singleDIN not only moves the game on, but is perfect for classic and retro cars, as well as a plethora of modern machinery.

The Pioneer SPH-10BT is the perfect tool to meet new-age consumer trends and the ever-expanding range of sat-nav, audio and app usage that takes place with in many modern day Android and Apple iOs devices. Bringing a singleDIN chassis into the car with Smartphone functionality makes it more than merely an extension of your phone, as the majority of functionality is controlled via the head unit itself.

This means that you don’t have to be seen by law enforcement officers’ fiddling with your phone at any point, thereby saving you points on your license, maybe even a ban. Safety features such as voice recognition and the four hard keys ensure that four favourite apps can be run without having to touch the unit at all.

The emphasis is very much on safer driving without having to interact with the phone at all, hence the adoption of Pioneer’s Smartphone Sync app, Bluetooth connectivity and even the chance to hook up via a USB wired connection. Hands free call connection is also possible.

The unique docking station solution provides an almost OEM answer to integrating your phone into almost every vehicle out there. With a myriad of aftermarket factory fascias available to convert OEM apertures to singleDIN spacing, almost any vintage of vehicle can be converted to accept the SPH-10BT.

Don’t go thinking it lacks audio prowess either, the on-board 4x50w (RMS) amplifier generates the usual Pioneer audio quality, while a pair of RCA pre
-outs allow for system expansion at a later date, so you can amplify an entire system or just add a subwoofer at will. There’s a 13-band equaliser to customise your sound profiles and the ability to filter high and low pass frequencies, subwoofer control and even the ability to connect two phones at the same time.

It’s also entirely possible to hook up some optional Pioneer reverse sensors as well so that your phone acts as a display once reverse is selected.

Price £120

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