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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 2nd July 2018

The constant march of progress when it comes to in car audio can be somewhat overwhelming at times, with increasingly large, incredibly sophisticated touch-screens now pretty much the industry standard.

That said, Pioneer remains committed to those car owners running single DINs, and evidence of this can be found in its latest AVH product release, the mighty AVH-Z7100DAB, complete with a motorised multimedia player (with a 7in screen) and a host of features, functions and connectivity options.

The AVH-Z7100DAB has a fully motorised screen, one which folds out from the single DIN dash in a manner that can’t help but draw admiring glances! This enables those owners of single DIN vehicles to have access to just as much aftermarket audio tech as those with double DINs. The unit also makes full use of another Pioneer engineering strong suit, screen technology. The AVH-Z7100DAB’s 7in clear type resistive touchscreen delivers stunning, pin-sharp clear picture quality at all types and makes navigating the various sub-menus and intuitive Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) a breeze.

Connectivity is very much the order of the day with the AVH-Z7100DAB, so much so that you could say that it’s its defining trait. A good example of this can be seen not only in the broad spread of applications it can run, but also the seamless manner it integrates them. The likes of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are part of the package of course, but so too is the increasingly popular Waze navigation app, the latter accessed through AppRadio Mode.

AVH-Z7100DAB’s intuitive, built-in link with Waze it worth covering in greater detail. It’s a well-designed navigational app which has found countless millions of users throughout the globe thanks to its community-based setup, and its integration with Pioneer’s latest offering effectively turns the AVH-Z7100DAB into a full-blown navigation unit at no extra cost. Simply connect your smartphone via the USB port and input your destination, and you’re away.

The AVH-Z7100DAB is built with Spotify in mind, and the world’s most popular music streaming service can be utilised by both Apple & Android users, with both CarPlay and Android Auto supported. It also sports a built in DAB/DAB+ radio, further underscoring its suitability for those that value music above all else.

Any music you do listen to will sound precisely as the artist in question intended, thanks to the AVH-Z7100DAB’s battery of class-leading audio features, namely a 13-band GEQ, MOSFET 50W x4 Max Output Power, Auto Equaliser and, when paired with the optional mic, Auto Time Alignment.

The AVH-Z7100DAB’s Bluetooth receiver connects simply and swiftly with both Apple and Android devices, while the technology itself enables safe communication while on the move thanks to hands-free calling and automatic phonebook transfer, and of course music streaming while on the move.

Price £629

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