We thought we’d show you that serious tinkering doesn’t have to stop with your beats. Thanks to this genius new Pioneer AVH-8400BT headunit from Pioneer, you can now split even your audio down into three stages of tuning excellence, and it can all be done from this very screen! Check it out.

The AVH-8400BT is a smart looking beast as it is, but you can customise it to suit your car’s own internals and make the unit look right at home in your dash. There are over 210,000 colours to illuminate the buttons with, which is scientifically mental, and you can change colour layouts on screen and have multi-colour schemes between the screen and buttons. The touch screen is swipe, pinch and tap friendly just like the iPhone it connects to, so you can drag and drop your menus and apps around to best suit where you’d like them. All makes sense really: it’s your headunit, so make it a bit of you.

With your customised looks in the bag to start you off, you can take it to the next level and fine-tune the acoustics of your car from the screen of the AVH-8400BT. The easy-as-pie EQ settings let you swipe along the different EQ bands on screen for perfect sounds, instead of fiddling with preset buttons. The easy mapping of your audio means you can comfortably add an amp to your car’s audio and calibrate it through the screen of the headunit, too. It’s effective and so easy to do, your own nanny could do it.

Now, this is where the fun really starts. For the first time, Pioneer’s Mixtrax is available in your car, and that means you’re the DJ. Want to speed a track up or slow it down in sync? Just drag the BPM bar up or down to match your taste! You can also fade tracks into each other to keep the tunes flowing, so being David Guetta couldn’t be easier.

Away from the music, you’ll already know about the sweet Advanced App mode, but now there’s even more apps to take advantage of from right inside your car, including the very special Dash Command, where you can monitor fuel consumption and torque readings along with general diagnostics of your car. All this, from one screen! Shit the bed!

The AVH-8400BT is powered by a 4x50watt MOSFET output, and can play your DVD’s, CD’s, MP3’s, USB’s and iPod/iPhone. The unit has integrated Bluetooth, and for maximum safety you can even detach the screen and take it indoors with you when leaving the motor. For a further look at this seriously spanky unit, hit up the link, and stay classy.

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Price £599.99