Yes, we’re back with double-DIN goodness, and what better way to start than with an upgraded unit from Pioneer?!

The new AVH-2400BT is an even better 2012 version of the AVH-3300BT we showcased last year, and comes ready to rock as the supreme head of your explosive aftermarket system. That’s no shabby claim either – as our Midge would say, “it’s medical fact!” Let us show you why…

Pioneer has given the unit a fresh facelift, rearranging the buttons on the left into a classy looking circular dials around the home button. As with before, everything and anything can be clicked on with the 5.8-inch touchscreen, and you can customise the digital appearance of the unit too, where you can change background images, themes and lighting colours (all 113 of them!) to make the unit your own. Good times.

Sure, most headunits with anything about them have built in Bluetooth these days, but the AVH-2400BT has something extra special for you Bluetooth boffins. Readers, say goodbye to pairing codes! This unit is easier to pair to your devices, with no unique PIN’s needed. The ample Bluetooth menu lets you make wireless calls and even Audio Stream content from the music apps recently released by Pioneer. The world really is your oyster here, so take advantage of this next-gen stuff!

As you’d expect, Pioneer go beyond the call of duty to look after your favourite things, and here’s the proof. When you’re browsing menus, simply press and hold your settings to save it to your favourites menu. We’d recommend putting your graphic equaliser here, as well as sub levels and illumination colours, so you can find them easily should you wish to make minor adjustments quickly. This all helps you make the most from your headunit – and we love it.

The AVH-2400BT features Pioneer’s all-star AppMode that lets you download apps to be operated directly through your headunit. Meanwhile, your music and film collection can be played in almost every popular format, including CD-A, DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, JPEG, MP4 and DivX. The unit is also easily compatible with Apple devices right up to the iPhone 4S, while the 8-band graphic equalizer and 4×50 built in MOSFET amp helps you to best accommodate the acoustics of your car. As we told you, it’s not shy!

Make no mistake, with the AVH-2400BT sitting pretty in your dash, no-one will get near you for pristine aftermarket audio kit. And, if you really want to take your mates to the cleaners, there’s plenty of scope to upscale your system, too. You can easily add the AVIC-F220 hideaway GPS and infra-red CD-R33 remote to operate the unit outside your vehicle, not forgetting the 3 RCA pre-outs that let you hook up more glorious aftermarket audio gear to your ride. Sweet. As. You. Like.

All this iconic multi-media madness can be yours for just £369.99. To put that in context, that’s less than the old unit (the AVH-3300BT) it’s replacing, and even has more features too! This, my good audio friends, is recession friendly buying at its best! Get involved and get more info at Pioneer.