phoenix gold r312d4The awesome new Phoenix Gold R312D4 sub has arrived. So what’s all the fuss about? Well…

Not only does this look like it means business, but as with everything Phoenix Gold build, the R312D4 sub has a classy feel that makes you want to own it even more. The cone is light but looks tougher than a Serbian war lord, while the all important dustcap on top oozes no-nonsense VIP beats thanks to its clean look with the famous shiny logo sitting pretty in the middle. Sexy stuff.

The R312D4 has a peak power of 800 watts, but will see you good for around 400 watts RMS – otherwise known as effective power to me and you. The dual 4-ohm voice coils also mean the sub can be wired for either 2 or 8 ohms impedance, depending on what load you want to put on your amp. Basically, you know you’re getting one cushty setup here from Phoenix Gold to give you massive potential for good, hard beats in your car. Top banana!

phoenix gold r312d4

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The R312D4 isn’t just a looker – trust us, this is well built to boom too. The basket of the sub has upgraded strength and magnet attachment to eliminate vibrations and cracking when used hard, while Phoenix Gold’s textbook tall winding height on the all-important voice coils gives even more glorious output to fill your bassy ears with. Boomtastic!

At first glance, you might think whoever gave the R312D4 its name was probably on something at the time, but hold your horses, there’s method to the madness. The name is actually an abbreviation of its spec: the R line, 3 series sub is 12-inches in size and works with a dual 4-ohm voice coil operation. Easy! See, it all makes sense now that the penny’s dropped, doesn’t it!

phoenix gold r312d4Price £109.99

Make no mistake audio muffins, Phoenix Gold are firmly back on the scene and well on the way to returning to their ‘90’s musical glory. For a shade under 110 quid, the R312D4 gives awesome value for money, and you can join the PG re-revolution now by buying this direct from the Celsus ICE website.