Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 24th July 2018

There’s not many things better in life than driving a sublime Mk7 Fiesta ST… except we suspect, driving one that’s rocking 344 horses and 300lb/ft of torque!

Quite obviously this is an almost unbelievable amount of grunt to stick up the UK’s favourite supermini. But, if you fancy giving your baby Blue Oval more firepower than the average Apache Gunship, then this new turbo setup from PERON is most certainly the one for you.

Developed in conjunction with Nortech Performance, what they’ve done here is engineered their bolt-on big turbo kit entirely from scratch. It’s also one that’s specifically designed to be far more reliable than the more common highly-stressed, hard-worked hybrid setup.

By using a sexy-looking Nortech tubular manifold to slap a Garrett GTX2860R blower on the side of the engine, essentially they’re eliminating the main restrictions caused by the stock turbine housing and internal wastegate, releasing around 150-juicy horsepowers in the process. The kit even comes with the downpipe, external wastegate and correct software needed to get it all set up. So, in no time at all, you’ll be making plenty of unsuspecting sportscars look more than a little silly on the street.

I mean, seriously, reliable Focus RS power in a Fiesta? Without even opening up the little 1.6-litre lump? We’re not worthy…

Priced from £4000

For more info see Peron Tuned