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New Touge Automotive Gear

New Touge Automotive Gear

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 19th December 2012

touge automotive

When it comes to awesome but seriously weird nik-naks, it’s always worth checking out the Jap car fanatics over at the Touge Speed Shop.

Famous for their orimental sticker packs and retina-burning graphics, their new range of what our Glenn calls ìbonkers Jap shit that you can’t find anywhere else,î includes, grenade air fresheners, stickerbomb phone cases and bizarre PlushZilla/teddybear/hanging-charm type-things.

Yes, they’re a tad strange, but that’s what makes ‘em super cool and there’s loads of other weird and wonderful bits and pieces ready to be snapped up too.

Priced from £2.50

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