Juice amplifiersPssst, reader – guess what? We’re not really meant to tell you this, but there’s a brand spanking new range of Juice amps heading to the UK as we speak, and we think you should know about it!

We’ve even managed to get our mitts on a few snaps and uncover some info on the fresh-for-Autumn beauties, so take a look, but keep it strictly between me and you – wink wink!

If one new amp doesn’t get your juices fl owing (dig that pun!) you’ll be pleased to know Juice are bringing three amps with them into the new range, with the two-channel JA491 and JA591, as well as the four channel JA791. Prices for the new range start at £59.99, which means you’re getting a serious load of amplified tech for your British tender!

Juice amplifiers

The two-channel JA491 and JA591 amps offer up to 375 watts and 600 watts of pure power respectively (and you can double those fi gures for single channel use!), while the four-channel JA791 will see you good for 300 watts of goodness. All have a good frequency response too of 20Hz-35kHz. In short, whatever your car audio needs, one of these little legends will take care of it all – just choose the best for you!

You already know we’re more than partial to a good looking amp, and we gotta say we’ve got a lot of time for Juice’s new-look range. Sleek and smooth from above, the terminals are neatly tucked away at both ends while the all-important tech on the inside is kept guard by the strong protective casing. The awesome Juice logo sits proudly on top, just in case you forget what colours you’re reppin’.

Juice amplifiers

All amps in the new Juice range use the tried and trusted class AB technology, which means you get the best of efficient, clean audio for your car. You’ll also be assured of ultra tough MOSFET power supply, Thermal Overload Circuitry and Short Circuit Protection inside your amps, while nickel plated RCA and speaker terminals keeps your amp durable from the outside. Win.

Like we said, these amplifying beauties are gonna touchdown in audio shops in the next couple of weeks, which gives you plenty of time to save the pennies in time for the launch date! The best place to get them first is via our mates at Car Audio Centre so head over there in September to nab some posh new Juiced gear!