Navman Panoramic SatnavIf we told you there’s now a satnav on the market with a 7-inch widescreen, you’d tell us we’re mad, right? Well think again gadget gurus: what you’re looking at here is an actual size take of Navman’s new ‘home cinema’-spec Panoramic satnav.

Yes, invite all your friends round for your very own in-car movie night, where the main stars on screen will be the 3D junction views, multi-route choice, parking assistance and a hunky-dory pedestrian mode, all larger than life for your humble convenience.

The Panoramic also has full European mapping for 44 countries, and despite the gigantic size, we reckon there’s a high chance you’ll still be able to see out of your car’s windscreen when driving. It’s so big, we’ve just gotta get one!

Price £149.99

For more info see Navman