MTX Terminator Powered Bass Tube

American brand MTX Audio have always had an unrivalled ‘bang-per-buck’ philosophy and, with a mind-blowing back catalogue of bonkers stuff like their famous 4000Watt, 170kg, 22in Jackhammer sub, it’s no surprise when they say anything – they say it bloody loud!

The ethos behind the new Terminator range is pretty much the same, except there’s a distinct air of practicality thrown into the mix. Who said you need a massive boot for almost cataclysmic bass? Certainly not the bods at MTX – take a look at this bass tube…

Our pick of the Terminator range has to be this all-in-one active woofer combo. Incorporating both an amplifier and 8in driver all wrapped up in the form of an old school bass cannon, it’s a compact solution for those who want it hard and heavy, but without compromising on bootspace. Coming in at just 25x25x45cm and designed specifically to enhance your system with their trademark powerful MTX bass, it’s a simple plug-and play option that can be quickly removed should you temporary need all your bootspace back too.

MTX Terminator Powered Bass Tube

What’s in a name? To MTX everything! And that’s a good thing because you just know when something’s called the ‘Terminator’ you’re getting something a little on the special side. Yes, it may be small in stature, but amazingly the little 8in woofer kicks like a much bigger driver under the 360 watts produced by the internal amp. The unique ported box design makes it even louder too. In fact, it may even be enough to blow the doors off. Hasta la vista baby indeed!

Price £119.99

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