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Mountune Ford Focus RS Exhaust

Mountune Ford Focus RS Exhaust

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 23rd June 2017

Even though the new Focus RS has more doors than your average hotel, there can’t be anyone on the planet who doesn’t love it, right?

It’s certainly set to become a modifying icon and, even though they’ve been on the streets for less than a year, the parts are now coming thick and fast!

That said, what’s really interesting about this awesome-quality, axle-back exhaust from Ford tuning maestros Mountune, is that slapping it on your brand new motor doesn’t affect your manufacturer warranty at all.

Yes, you get a sweet hike in power, a 28-percent weight saving over the original item and a vastly improved soundtrack. It even includes a new valve and motor assembly for those who like playing with the OEM adjustable silencing thingy.

But the bods at your local Ford dealer can’t say a word about you ripping out their stock system if, as it turns out, your heavy right foot doesn’t agree with the engine. You’d be silly not to.

Price £1050

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