We’re pretty sure racing driver Gianpiero Moretti never imagined MOMO would become the huge, multi-national firm it is today when he commissioned his first steering wheel back in the early 1960s.

It’s fair to say though, MOMO may be a huge corporate body, but unlike many, they’re not afraid to let their history influence their new products. That my friends, is what you call true pedigree in design. In fact, back in the summer, they took a huge amount of inspiration from decades past when launching their awesome MOMO Heritage Collection.

momo heritage 6

Now initially at least, this collection was limited to a range of six retro-styled steering wheels, and very nice they are too, certainly some of the finest we’ve ever seen. But the big news is that they’re now expanding the range to the other type of wheels, the ones where you need four of the buggers. And they’re kicking off 2018 with this all-business, motorsport-style hoop, the Heritage 6.

This classically designed six-spoker may be inspired by the MOMO racecars from the ’80s and ’90s. It even has the trademark fl at spokes and decals of their old-skool competition wheels. But make no mistake, this is a proper 21st-century rim. By using fl ow-forming technology for increased strength and a cheeky weight reduction, along with designing the inside specifi cally to fit over huge modern brakes, it’s about as cutting edge as it gets.

momo heritage 6

In fact, the Heritage 6 is so hot off the press at the moment, all we know is it will be available in 18 and 19-inch diameters, in a satin black or satin silver finish and with a whole load of custom offsets to offer the best handling on any given motor.

As for PCDs? Well, we have a suspicion that 5×130 is covered for Porsches (how did you guess? – Jules) and we’re told there’ll be a whole load more coming up shortly. Perhaps most importantly though, what they’ve launched here is clearly one epic-looking wheel. We just can’t wait to see what’s next for the Heritage Collection!

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