A performance filter or, even better, a full-on induction kit, are always our first port of call when it comes to bolt-on tuning. After all, getting more cold air into your engine is a sure-fire way of getting a tasty hike in horsepower and torque.

It’s basic tweaking 101, right? Well, it looks like Mishimoto have got in on the high-end intake game with this new realise for the latest Focus RS.

What’s more, this item, designed to replace each core OEM component in the system, easily shows the same high-quality engineering we’ve come to expect in their huge range of intercoolers and radiators.

Featuring a 3-inch turbo pipe (available in wrinkle nitrous blue, polished silver and wrinkle black) and an airbox designed to improve flow over the factory item by reducing pressure drop and sealing against the bonnet to keep out heat.

This one not only looks the part, but can give gains of 12bhp and 15 lb/ft of torque. It also comes with the famous Mishimoto lifetime warranty. Lovely stuff!

Price £372

For more info see Mishi Moto www.mishimoto.co.uk