MI Witness HD ReviewWhat with all the ‘crash for cash’ scams and people miraculously contracting whiplash just from being looked at, in-car cameras are becoming a must-have for protecting your pride and joy. It’s a shame that nowadays there’s actually the need to cover your arse so thoroughly but, if you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it in style and we reckon the Mi-Witness HD is the very best product to do the job!

An in-car camera can not only lower your insurance but, it might just save your arse when it comes to dealing with scammers who would like nothing better than to take your cash and make your insurance premium even higher. Two of the biggest problems in Europe at the moment are people claiming thousands of quid for whiplash after the mildest bump, and others actually inducing a shunt up the back by slamming on their anchors or cutting in front at the last minute. Some go so far as to disconnect their brake lights to make sure you hit them hard! Recording the incident will give the irrefutable, unbiast evidence to prove liability and hopefully put the fraudsters right where they belong – sharing a cell with Greasy Dave on F-Block.

MI Witness HD Review

The main Mi-Witness HD unit will record in 720p HD to give outstanding picture clarity and ensure you pick up every last detail. It logs speed acceleration, G-Force, braking and audio files, and can either be permanently hardwired to your car or re-charged through the lighter adaptor. The built in G-sensor will show the extent of any impact and there’s the option of a number of interior/exterior infrared and standard add-on cameras. The main unit can also be unplugged and removed from its quick-release mount should you need to walk round the outside of the vehicle and take separate pics.

MI Witness HD Review

It’s pretty amazing what they can do with GPS nowadays, and the Mi-Witness takes this to the next level with mapping overlay using Google Earth, that actively logs locations and shows where the vehicle’s been. This can be viewed and tracked on a map or a smartphone, and can even tell you exactly where you parked. Clever.

MI Witness HD ReviewTHE LAW
Not all in-car cameras are equal and aside from the massive range of features that come with the Mi-Witness, one of the most important is that its size and fixed mount make it 100-percent road legal in the UK. You see, many of these types of units use a suction mount that will protrude too far into the ‘swept area’ of the windscreen, this makes using them unsafe and a dangerous driving offence. Anything with an LCD screen that can be seen by the driver while the car is moving also falls into this category. There are no worries here.

MI Witness HD ReviewAPPS
The Mi-Witness utilises a high-capacity Micro SD card that can easily be removed and plugged into your computer to view all the data. One of the coolest connectivity features though is the WiFi capability enabling you to view your recordings on your Apple or Android smart phone. Just download the relevant App, plug in the optional dongle and you’re sorted for real-time viewing.

Of course there’s the ‘normal’ person perspective and the FC perspective, and we can see a whole other load of applications for this little piece of technological wizardry, that go far beyond the realms of legal protection. Whether it’s recording and logging your track work, making your own Top Gear-style films or, just simply capturing your own YouTube heroics, we reckon there’s plenty of fun to be had with the Mi-Witness. Spielberg – bring it on!

Price £249.99

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