Meguiar’s Light Wax / Dark Wax

Meguiar’s Light Wax / Dark Wax

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 2nd July 2013

Meguiar’s Light Wax / Dark Wax

Meguiar’s have released two innovative new wax products, Meguiar’s Light Wax and Meguiar’s Dark Wax.

Created especially for light or dark paints, each product has been specially formulated to maximise gloss whilst delivering long-lasting protection.

Meguiar’s created Light Wax, which cleans paint surfaces and brings out the brilliance of light coloured paint. By formulating Light Wax for maximum removal of oxidation and stains, this new wax clarifies the car’s clear coat, while lightly polishing it to produce a super-bright finish.

Filled with carnauba and polymers Meguiar’s Light Wax not only provides a fresh, clean look to the vehicle’s surface, it also leaves behind a protective layer of wax to prolong those gleaming results.

Whilst owners of dark-to-black coloured vehicles should opt for Meguiar’s Dark Wax. This polishes the paint while you wax to deliver an exceptionally glossy finish with deep reflections. No dyes or colourants are added to the formula. This wax not only removes light swirls, but more importantly polishes the paint, giving owners the “wet” look only darker cars can achieve.

A combination of carnauba wax and polymers in Meguiar’s Dark Wax provide long-lasting protection while achieving that deep, show car finish that makes black and dark coloured vehicles so beautiful.

Both Meguiar’s Light Wax and Dark Wax pastes come in a 198g tube with an applicator specially suited to each wax’s unique formulation.

Price £13.99 each

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