Sometimes, only absolutely bloody mahoosive hoops will do. Whether that’s because you’ve got simply enormous brakes, gargantuan arches to fill or you just fancy a challenge, there’s not many other mods that give quite the same wow factor as a set of dubs. Or, if you’ve got the balls, maybe something even bigger.

Anyway, this brand-new offering from renowned German styling house, MB Design, certainly fits into both the ‘huge’ and ‘fookin’ wow’ categories. And, quite obviously, smaller motors need not apply for a set.

Only available in 20 and the almost mythical 21 inch diameters (which, traditionally, aren’t exactly what you’d call common in the UK), the good news is they not only come in some usable widths, but there’s a decent amount of PCDs too.

Now admittedly we’ve come to expect the common German bolt-patterns for this type of wheel, and 5×112, 5×120 and 5×130 are certainly catered for here. But what’s really good to see is that they’ve also thrown in a 5×108 for the Ford boys and 5×114.3 for all kinds of Jap metal.

MB Design KX1

Shit, even if you’re rocking something Yank there’s a 5×127 option that’ll likely sort you out. Along with a good range of offsets that aren’t just limited to Porkers and other such RWD sports cars.

There’s lots of finish options available off the shelf – we love the continental split-5-spoke design – and the finer details are up there with the very best. Perhaps the best news though, is that you don’t have to be a Brexit-busting importer to get hold of them.

Nope, the guys at StillStatic are bringing them in at a bargain price, and even offer a whole range of custom finish options.

Massive wheels, massive Kudos, what’s not to love?

Price £430 per wheel

For more info see Still Static