Quite simply, exquisite storage for the tools that matter. There’s no bull with the latest range of Matador Toolboxes from its “Men’s Kitchen” range.

With four distinctly different size options to choose from there’s a choice of 1.2m to over 4m long modular “kitchen” blocks to indulge your passion for precision.

If sockets, impact guns and screwdrivers mean more to you than certain family members, why store them anywhere else eh?

The freestanding “Men’s Kitchen” (yes, very sexist we know!) range from Matador promises to deliver every possible connotation of tool storage you could ever wish for.

Being modular it’s also possible to chop and change and adapt the layout to suit your needs. Go on, get tooled up and make your workspace look as tidy as your mind.

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How much: From £1674